Heart to Heart is a Christian ministry let by Robin and Claire Dillamore.

It has been birthed out of a desire to know more of what it means to live a life of heart to heart connection with God and with one another.

We love community, and are thrilled to be on a journey of discovery with others, finding out what authentic community looks like in the 21st century when people’s live are often busy and stressful.

We believe that it comes from a place of rest and begins with worship. The only way we can truly live together meaningfully is gathered around the Lord, depending on Him, loving and serving Him first, and then loving and serving each other.

“Worship is the single most important thing in bringing about unity. The most intimate thing we can do together is adore and love the Creator” – Tiffany Buhler

When we spend time together, open-hearted and vulnerable before the Lord, pouring ourselves out to Him, our relationships with one another become deeper and richer, our differences cease to matter and our love for Him and each other grows and overflows.

We understand that worship is a lifestyle, but we also believe that intentional acts of worship and time spent together loving the Lord and seeking Him are a vitally important part of our lives as Christians.

In recent years we have both been deeply impacted by experiences of extended worship at events such as David’s Tent, and by ministries like Burn 24/7 and Jonathan David and Melissa Helser.  We have been reminded of the buzz of whole nights of prayer with Alec Buchanan at Spring Harvest in the 80s, and excited to start doing similar things again, eager to see what happens in our local community if more frequent and extended gatherings for worship and prayer take place.

We also love the extended church in our city of Chester and are privileged to be part of a network of church and ministry leaders [http://www.linkup.uk.net/]. Our desire is to see believers from across the spectrum of Christian belief unite together in worship. Heart to Heart gatherings are open to all, and deliberately scheduled so that those who have commitments to different church congregations can attend.

We are only a few steps along this new adventure, but we would love it if you would like to join us from time to time.